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The fastest and most direct way to
build a successful yoga business that is authentically YOU. 

Whether you are completely new to teaching or you are a seasoned yoga teacher, The Yoga Success Academy will support you in growing your community, expanding your offerings and developing your teaching skills.

It is a step by step process that will keep you on track, give you accountability and guide you on your journey.









By following The Yoga Success Academy process you will have

fully booked classes, workshops, retreats and trainings.

Not only that but you will do it without the stress or the guess work and with the expert support that every yoga teacher wishes for.  Through our full curriculum, monthly bundles and monthly group coaching calls you will see significant results in a faster time 

A Clear Vision

By becoming clear on what you offer and how to offer it, you will have more students and fully booked classes whilst gaining more personal freedom. 

Financial Security

By building a foundation you will have guaranteed recurring income, leaving you free to focus on creating great classes and serving your students.  

Growing Your Business

You can add workshops, retreats and trainings to your offerings successfully and without the overwhelm of doing it alone.

Not getting the results you want is frustrating.
It’s often because of a lack of organizational skills, not knowing what steps to take next or a need for support from an expert in the field

Working as a yoga teacher can sometimes be lonely.
I have been there.
You can find yourself working 24/7 feeling over worked and burnt out

When you are self employed it can feel like you have to do it all yourself. You are afraid to set boundaries for fear of losing a potential student and you end up taking calls, emails and private messages at all hours of the day and night.
You check social media every few minutes (even though you don’t want to use it at all) and you find yourself wondering if it would be better to get yourself a “job”

Do you have have inconsistent numbers in class?

Do you find it hard to fill places in classes? More often than not students will say they are coming back but because they haven’t paid in advance they don’t show up. Do you notice that class numbers are constantly fluctuating so you never know how many people to expect each day?

Do you have uncertainty around what to offer?

Do you feel uncertainty around content for workshops or retreats? Would you love to know exactly what you should include to create a unique and memorable experience for participants? These worries can cause you to procrastinate around organising events and setting dates to move forward. You know it’s the next best step for you but uncertainty is holding you back.

Do you need to develop your teaching skills?

Learning teaching skills during teacher trainings is great but what you really need now is support expanding those skills in a practical way for the students in front of you. How can you use your knowledge to care for each student uniquely?

About Paula

Paula Mitten is an internationally recognised yoga teacher and teacher trainer, she is the owner of Durga Yoga Ireland and the creator of Yoga Teachers Masterclass. She has been teaching yoga for nearly 14 years and has been working with yoga teachers since 2011.

Paula specialises in supporting yoga teachers to establish and grow their own yoga business through in person and online trainings. she has been educating passionate yoga students from all over the world for the last 8 years, helping them become highly trained yoga teachers with successful teaching careers. She shows dedicated yoga teachers how to expand their business so that they can turn their vision into a reality. Paula is exceptional at what she does and if you are ready to commit she can guarantee that you will see the results that you want and deserve. 

Paula’s first experience with the yoga practice and a holistic lifestyle was whilst working as a costume designer for film and television. Long hours and stressful working days sent her on a journey to find a way to destress and regain her health. Pranayama and relaxation techniques were the first step into the benefits of the yoga practice.

Paula continues on her spiritual journey, a dedicated student and teacher.




It the THE program to designed specifically for yoga teachers to give you a step by step process to build and grow your business. 

Yoga Success Academy supports you to develop your teaching skills, guides you on how to create perfectly planned classes and events and shows you how to market yourself in an authentic way that feels natural and yogic. 


Thank you so much to Paula!

I’ve just completed the yoga teacher training in Durga Maynooth. It has been absolutely unbelievable, I started thinking it was just going to develop my personal practice but I’m leaving really as a confident teacher being able to go out and bring safe yoga to everybody

Sinead McNulty

A life changing experience!

I just finished the yoga teacher training . . . . and it was just an incredible and life changing experience. We were thought by our amazing teacher, Paula . . .If anyone would like to embark on a yoga teacher training journey I can’t highly recommend enough! 

Lenka Valinhas

The Yoga Success Academy – What You Get

Full Curriculum

The Curriculum consists of 7 phases and 26 modules that take you from starting up your first classes all the way through to creating a yoga teacher training program and everything in between.

You will be guided on where to start for your stage in your business and you can work on each module at your own pace and focus on the right tasks.

Whether you want to build steady cash flow or you want to increase your offerings there is a phase that is exactly the right step for you at this time.

Phase 1 – Clarity & Vision

This phase will take you from feeling overwhelmed, confused and stuck to feeling calm, in control and on the right path for you.

Whether you are new to teaching yoga or you are a seasoned teacher, clarity and vision are essential.
Visiting this phase regularly is the key to letting go of feeling stressed, overworked and unsure of what the next step is. It will keep you on track with a clear vision of where you are going.

  • Module 1 – Vision & Goal setting
  • Module 2 – Class planning and adapting
  • Module 3 – Researching “what students want”
  • Module 4 – Track and schedule your time
  • Module 5 – The role of your home practice
  • Module 6 – Your title & what you offer

Phase 2 – The Foundations

If you are worried about your income level and would like more stability when it comes to your finances then this phase will give you everything you need to have guaranteed recurring income throughout the year.

When you achieve this piece it will free your mind to focus on your students rather than on the bank balance.


  • Module 7 – Creating a baseline
  • Module 8 – Setting up your calendar link
  • Module 9 – Staying out of overwhelm

Phase 3 – Marketing to your audience

You don’t need to be an expert to learn how to market or promote your classes.

You might be struggling to grow the number of students in your classes, or wondering how to connect with your students and create a community feel.

By the end of this phase you will easily fill classes, workshops and retreats and find that students stay with you meaning you don’t have to keep finding new students.


  • Module 10 – The importance of having an audience
  • Module 11 – Social Media
  • Module 12 – Creating and re-purposing content
  • Module 13 – The power of your email list

Phase 4 – Public classes

Setting up public classes can feel like a big step and there is often a fear around committing to book a space and failing to get enough students.

When you complete all of the modules in phase 4 you will know exactly what it takes and the steps to follow to successfully launch your public classes taking the fear and guesswork out of the process.


  • Module 14 – The first steps to offering public classes
  • Module 15 – Selling a course V selling a class
  • Module 16 – Communicating with students and taking payments
  • Module 17 – Reflect, re-assess and refine

Phase 5 – Workshops

Have you ever wondered what would turn a good workshop into a GREAT workshop?

Do you worry that you are missing pieces of the puzzle that would really fire up your content and have students queuing up to book a space? This module will show you how to create something extraordinary for your students.

You will be clear on how to write a workshop that is special and very different from your regular classes that are fully booked EVERY TIME.

  • Module 18 – Creating a workshop that sells
  • Module 19 – Steps to filling workshop places
  • Module 20 – Upselling – Your next event

Phase 6 – Retreats

Running a retreat takes lots of organisation behind the scenes. It can feel scary to take on a project like this without any guidance or support. Not only does this phase set out all of the steps of organising a retreat from finding a location to the event itself but you will also learn how to promote, track and fill the spaces.

  • Module 21 – Promoting and filling a retreat
  • Module 22 – Retreats in action

Phase 7 – Yoga Teacher Training

While this is not for everyone, if you would like to start your own yoga teacher training this phase is going to be invaluable to you.

With so many pieces that need to come together from accreditation to course creation, manual writing to marketing the training it can be hard to know where to start. This phase is a clear map that will guide you seamlessly through the many elements of creating your own training in a stress free way.

  • Module 23 – Am I ready to offer Yoga Teacher Training
  • Module 24 – Creating a Yoga Teacher Training Program
  • Module 25 – Promotions and Sales for Yoga Teacher Training
  • Module 26 – Putting together the manual

Plus, to support you on your journey you also get ongoing coaching from Paula and support and accountability from the whole community!

Group Calls

You will never be alone in your teaching journey as our group calls are there to give you direct contact with Paula.
This is the perfect opportunity each month to have your questions answered and give you accountability to keep you moving forwards at your own pace. 

Monthly Bundles

Every month a new bundle of content will be released to support your teaching skills as well as help you grow your business. Get themed classes that you can make your own, learn cueing and adjusting techniques and study the exact steps to build a thriving community of yoga students

Members Only Exclusive Community

As an active member of The Yoga Success Academy you will have access to a community of like minded yoga teachers who will share, support and grow together.


Get all of the resources you need in one place to save you time and help you grow faster

EXCLUSIVE Bonus for Founding Members Only


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This is an online 5-day training with Paula Mitten and Jennilee Toner. Learn the skills of creating seamless, intelligent and creative yoga classes.

As a teacher, you’ll be on fire with our in depth approach to layering.
Your student’s minds and bodies will be taken to the next level in their practices AND they will FEEL the difference.









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29€/month after that, cancel any time.


  • You are a qualified yoga teacher
  • You’re an action taker
  • You want quality and great support at an affordable price
  • You believe that speed of implementation is key and it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to get done


  • You are not qualified as a yoga teacher
  • You don’t believe 100% that you’re going to succeed
  • You believe that your classes will be a do it once and forget it
  • You’re not ready to invest in your business upfront

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Yoga Success Academy just for new yoga teachers?

A: This membership is suitable for yoga teachers from newly qualified teachers right up to seasoned yoga teachers. Whether you are learning how to set up your own classes, expand your community, increase your offerings or create your own yoga teacher training program, this membership will support you. 

What if I sign up and it's not for me?

A: If you join and find the membership isn’t for you then you can cancel easily any time. In fact, it just takes two clicks! What’s more, we even giving you 30 days to change your mind! If it’s not for you, just let us know in the first month and we’ll happily refund your money. So it really is a no risk offer.

Will there be any training on how to put together content on workshops and retreats?

A: Yes, not only will you learn how to design your workshops and retreats and create memorable class plans, you will also receive the exact steps to marketing and filling the spaces.